Using creativity within a brief

Clients often come to me with a brief which they expect or hope to cover within a certain timeframe. It is my job to hit as many of these targets as possible but to also bring my own creativity to the brief. What does that actually mean though? In this case using education photography, here are some examples that were either on the list or have come about because of my own creative vision or that of the people I am working with. In an education setting there can be countless opportunities for this kind of creativity, sometimes it’s a brand new idea, other times it’s just down to effective communication and sometimes it’s just down to experience. 

In this engineering facility, I was simply asked to capture a training session. It was pretty clear to see that there was lots of scope for capturing striking images using the colours and scale of the place. In this kind of situation my only struggle is knowing when to stop!

In other cases it’s about capturing angles and compositions that aren’t always obvious when putting the brief together. As with the previous point, these ideas don’t always work of course and sometimes the skill of the photographer is knowing when to stop and move onto something else.  Different camera settings, lenses, lighting, poses,  there are lots of other ways of bringing creativity to a brief and should be taken into consideration when planning to get a professional photographer in.

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