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Thirty years ago, Chris picked up a camera for the first time. He immediately felt a connection, and has spent the last few decades honing his passion for the perspective it can lend on the world. Now an experienced professional photographer, Chris has built a reputation on his strong, artistic images. Chris is known for his relaxed, flexible approach; he knows that not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, and aims to make his clients feel at ease. Based in Manchester, he works with clients across the North, many of whom partner with him on a long-term basis.

What Chris loves best… A versatile photographer with a diverse portfolio, Chris has always taken pride in his ability to adapt. However, over the years, he has refined three key areas of expertise: education, architecture and art. 

As a former teacher, Chris works closely in education with schools, universities and museums. Having discovered photography as a teen, he is a proud STEM ambassador at a local school, where he runs a photography club for the students. 

Chris has always taken a keen interest in architecture. His travels around the world awakened him to the beauty of his surroundings, of our visual culture and how we experience it; this appreciation, combined with his background in Fine Art, led him to specialise in architectural photography. 

Supporting the art community is something that Chris is extremely passionate about. He regularly works on artistic commissions, as well as events and festivals in the arts and culture, to further his portfolio. 

Tailored photography services 

Want to work with Chris? He’s very approachable, and always happy to advise on the best way to fulfil your goals and vision through creative, imaginative photography. Take a look around the site to see Chris in action. If you’d like to explore further samples, arrange a chat, or request a free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.