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A very northern wedding

Back in late 2014 my dear friend Sarah Jane asked me to photograph her wedding the following summer. Photographing a friend's wedding can be a poisoned chalice but seeing as they live in the west of Norway right amongst the Fjords I thought I'd risk it...

Sarah Jane and Bjorn are very much at home in their surroundings. They both love the outdoors and their particular bit of outdoors is spectacular. I wanted to get a picture that showed them at one with the landscape whilst hinting at the scale.

I had two days so we decided to make the most of it by doing an engagement type shoot on the Friday spending a couple of hours in their local area picking out potential sights for a portrait the next day.

Just down the road from them was this wonderful old bridge leading to a neighbour's farm which made some great shots. We earmarked it for the next day but it had been blocked off when we got there. It seemed that the photoshoot had alarmed the neighbours!

Their beautiful son Francis is clearly a massive part of their lives and he certainly charmed me with his shyness and love of helicopters.

Tender moments between mother and daughter.

Angles and silhouettes. SJ told me all about this dress somewhere, I'll dig it out...

Bit of a new concept for me here, the pre-wedding first look...

...which gave SJ opportunity to do some last minute tweaking.

As soon as I saw their red barn, I knew there had to be a pitchfork and a golden photo opportunity.

After that, it didn't take much nudging to get some laughs.

The dress was from SJ's old hometown of Morpeth: Kathryn Trueman's - a Claire Pettibone dress called "Estelle". Bjorn's bespoke blue wool suit was designed and made by a Ghanaian designer based in Bergen, Norway: I'm not sure who designed the wellies.

SJ and her brother Alistair off to the church.

The view from the back of the church just needed a little something. The little girl peeking out was it!

Jostedal Church, Sogn og Fjordane, a little chuch built in 1660 and according to the Church bell ringer and warden Marit Elvekrok, you can squeeze 90 people into it on a cold day!

A 1965 Rolls Royce in the Fjords, quite a sight.

Unfortunately we didn't get the time or the rope bridge that I wanted but we made the most of this little jetty close to the reception venue.

Great speeches and hilarious slideshows.

The west coast of Norway has a thing about cakes at Weddings. There were loads of them but this was the main event. Incredible edible decorations by cousin Melanie.

The night was finished off with games, dancing and folk songs. SJ & B, thanks so much for having me there to document your special day.