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Hiroshima, behind the scenes

10 years ago I had the privilege of living and working in Hiroshima. The last year of a 3 year stint in Japan, just prior to returning home to set up the business. My time in Hiroshima coincided with the 60th anniversary preparations and some of my photographs were used to illustrate an article in a Japanese magazine at the time. This was one of the first times I saw my photographs in print. 10 years on and I've dug through my old film negatives to share some of the other images I took, away from the well trodden tourist spots (all with my trusty old Nikon FM3A).

Tree, HiroshimaI saw a few trees like this in Hiroshima. Anywhere else and they would just be quirky trees.
Tree and playground, Hiroshima
Playground under a highway, HiroshimaI found loads of these playgrounds around Hiroshima. Strangely most of them had an eery post-apocalyptic feel about them.
Playground, Hiroshima
Hada sanHada san was 29 at the time. When it was deemed safe, she worked helping children return from the surrounding areas.
Kawano sanKawano san was 14 at the time. At 8:15 she saw a flash, and then darkness. "Within a few seconds, I was covered in debris".(Taken from an interview back in 2005 for the Japanzine article. She is holding a picture of her grandchildren).
Hiroshima UniversityThe No. 1 building at Hiroshima University’s former Faculty of Science. This was one of the few buildings left standing. Located about a mile away from the center of the blast, it still shows signs of the damage.
Riverbank, HiroshimaThe rivers around Hiroshima have long since carried away the effects of that day. Today, modern life marches on with the shadow of the past acknowledged but not obsessed upon.