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Fire pits and tree houses

One of my construction clients, Galliford Try, asked me to cover a volunteer action day in Wrexham, North Wales. The brief was to capture the progress of the work throughout the day as well as the team spirit and the sharing of knowledge and expertise. The site is owned by another of my clients Groundwork, an environmental charity, who among other things, provide a green safe space for children to learn, play and explore. The site itself was in need of some new outdoor features as well as a lick of paint to some existing structures. These images show the teamwork and give an idea of the progress made in the day.

With some staging and management I began to capture shots with more impact. By focusing on individuals working on specific tasks I could think more about the compositions in terms of marketing materials and press releases.

Here, the trees and bushes form a natural frame to the action.

This fence had to feature in my day. In this particular shot I used it to draw the eye towards the painter.

By using flash, I froze the pick axe mid-swing. 

As a commercial photographer based in Manchester, most of my work is indoors so I always relish the prospect of working outdoors. It doesn't get much better than fire pits and tree houses in a beautiful woodland setting. This tree house was actually built from scratch using materials donated by Galliford Try and looked great at the end of the day. I couldn't resist getting up there myself and thinking about making one for our own garden. For the final shot here, I used some additional lighting to emphasise the structure and included more of the environment to show it off at its best.

Corporate social responsibility is often perceived as a box ticking exercise. However, as you can see, this team produced something beautiful and had a great time doing it. The novelty of working outdoors away from their usual routine seemed to create a really positive energy. Not to mention plenty of tea and biscuits! The group were visibly proud of their work and celebrated by toasting some well deserved marshmallows on the newly built fire pit. It can be amazing to observe jobs like this, which contribute to improve everyone's wellbeing.