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Abandon Normal Devices: Grizedale

A very busy Autumn and a sub-1 year old in the house means that I've neglected my fledgling blog for the past few months. Anyway, no excuses, apart from those ones! I'll try to finish the year with a final flurry of activity looking at a couple of the highlights. First off, one of those jobs that doesn't come up very often and are all the more special for it. Two days in the late summer, early autumn trekking around a forest with cutting edge artistic installations involving virtual reality, drones, fungi, kites, outdoor cinemas, singing trees and paper planes. The brief: to capture the art works and visitors interacting with them. The Client: Abandon Normal Devices a ground breaking arts organisation. The venue: Grizedale forest in the Lakes...

Peak Simulator, a sculptural installation by Matthew Plummer Fernandez. A computer generated landscape sits in front of the real thing. This became a bit of a battle for me as it lay a good 20 minutes walk from everything else meaning it took an hour every time I wanted to check how the light was falling on it. I decided early on to leave half my kit behind!

Origami Space race. Paper planes released from a giant balloon. I couldn't hope to capture the planes being released but the balloon itself made a striking subject and the anticipation of the kids watching made some interesting compositions.

Where the city can't see by Liam Young. Whilst I try to understand my subject as much as possible, there are times when I just have to get in there and snap away. This was one of those times, the closer I got, the more sense it all made. Sort of.

In the eyes of the animal. Marshmallow laser feast explore the line between the virtual and the real world. Unfortunately I never got to put a head piece on and glimpse the matrix. From the outside though, it looked great, off camera flash added a touch more theatre to the shots.

Drone school. The smallest training drones pictured here. I never got to see the monster drones which is probably a good thing, optical equipment and remote control! These can be a bit of a nightmare to photograph due to their twitchy nature but I focused on getting a nice tight family unit and hoped that that the drone would come into play.

Love motel for Insects. This presented it's own unique set of issues. I wanted to show the great big tree that this sat under but balancing the light levels in camera proved tricky. At least the insects weren't an issue.