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48 hours in Moscow

Earlier this month I spent a couple of days in Moscow with my Dad. Camera wise, I travelled light with my iphone and Fuji x10. Here are a few things that caught my eye...

Some architecture needs no introduction. Nevertheless, St Basil's dazzles in the drizzle.

Inside one of the temples in St Basil's.

The 4 horsemen.

Motifs like these were dotted around the city.

Old and new sit side by side just like any other city but it seemed somehow more of a contrast here.

The Bolshoi looking good from the front and back.

Moscow's underground system is a thing of beauty if completely unfathomable. A great place to get lost.

A real highlight for me was the Kremlin. Partly because I didn't know what to expect, partly because the weather was great but mostly because it was just wonderful.

Me and my dad.