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10 years

July 2015. 10 years in Business, the completion of 8 years of house renovations and last but not least, the birth of our first child. Since it feels like a year of change and all my diy tools have been stowed away, what better time to start that blog I've been thinking about for ages. I'm not sure of content, direction or purpose but won't let that stop me. I'll kick off with a brief overview of the past 10 years and aim to update with new content every month or so.

Shanhai Kite, China

The business started with sympathetic friends and family buying prints from my travels. Filled with positivity (and the kind of blind optimism only new business owners know about) I began to harass and cajole prospective clients getting occasional bites based on my portfolio of images from Japan and the far east.

My advert in 'The Magazine'

The Magazine (that was the name of it-edited by the very talented Kate Duggan) gave me my first break and the opportunity to practice a whole new kind of photography. It was the type of photography that pays the bills and as such served a very useful purpose in the first couple of lean years. Saying that, this particular work didn't actually pay any bills as I was rewarded in the form of advertising space. Six months of earning my glossy half page (above) resulted in two phone calls. One led nowhere and the other was from MOSI (then MSIM-Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester) who have remained one of my most important clients to date (another post about them to follow at some point).

Bubble buzz, MOSI

10 years on and I can honestly say photography remains my dream job. Whether it's photographing the newest member of the family, trekking to a vantage point in time for sunrise or arranging a corporate group shot, I get an enormous buzz from what I do...